01 Intro 1:09
02 You Are Not Here To Be Loved 3:01
03 Builder 3:19
04 Bopsong (You Wanna Make Me Move) 3:06
05 Freie Nรคchte 1:09
06 takehome normal mood 1:09
07 Rebels 3:28
09 SUCK BLOOD 3:18
10 The Mirror 4:20

the NEW ALBUM by INTERNATIONAL SENSATION jazz "queenjazz" mickle

๐Ÿ’› thank you so much for checking out my new album ๐Ÿ’›

i've been working real hard on it and couldn't be happier with how it came together (in no small part because of all the wonderful people who helped me along the way).

the response to QUEENJAZZ BANGERS was so incredible and was a constant source of inspiration and energy to bring this new album to life, releasing music independently is pretty tough, especially when avoiding platforms like spotify, so seeing such a positive reaction defied all my expectations. every single person who listened or shared it made such a huge difference

i'm so glad i can finally share this new album with everyone, ever since writing the first track i've been looking forward to sharing it. it embodies a lot of the positivity i felt when writing it, the title BOPS being a direct response to the previous BANGERS, reflecting the more positive and poppy style of the music.

you can purchase it from the bandcamp link, or listen for free on either bandcamp or youtube! and above all it'd mean the world if you shared it with your friends!


additional lyrics by Ian Lain Hatch and Harley Mist
mastered by Aaron Munson

special thanks:
esselfortium, david fenn, 3D63, ronja, anotak, tom schley, jira trello, ivy melinda, skullzone, left home, transistor sisters, TGD, candle cove

queenjazz bops

This track was originally written for a demoscene experiment, and eventually made it's way onto the album.
for years i've had a weird grudge against making chiptune, but this album i finally got over myself and theres like at least 3 tracks that fit squarely in the chiptune world, so the intro of this album being one of those kinda makes that even more of a statement (if only to myself)
You Are Not Here To Be Loved

one tell you, you are not here to be loved, conditionally
make up your mind, make up your mind, at ease

one tell you, you can live here how you feel, unconditionally
make up your mind, make up your mind, at ease

this a home, a trusted zone
a place with space where you're not alone
rest and repair with a pleasant tone
just feel the beat, feel the microphone

to be loved, here to be loved
you aren't conditionally loved

one tell you, noone to judge, nothing to prove
let go of burdens, time to soothe
and when you, feel it you can move
drift with the music, flowing through you

lyrics by Ian Lain Hatch

This was the first track written after I had released QUEENJAZZ BANGERS, and immediately set the tone for the new album: more lyrics, more Pop, more fun. a lot of previous songs i've written have covered topics that were important to me but often in an either aggresive or defeatist way, despite working to reduce that in my own mentality.
with this song i tried and be more positive and uplifting generally. i struggle to write lyrics but Ian Lain Hatch took my initial seed and wrote the entire rest of the song out of it, perfectly capturing the mood and themes i wanted to achieve.
it is once again a song about how much i love my friends

This track was inspired by "Waterlust" by Silkersoft, it (and CASCA/RADIAL) really hit upon a lot of stuff i wanted to do with QUEENJAZZ BOPS. this track came together really quickly from riding that high
Bopsong (You Wanna Make Me Move)

you really wanna make me move
its gonna take some concentration
cause once i start i can't get stopping
leave the world behind

you really wanna make me move
you really gotta understand
i can't help but forget myself
leave the world behind

you really wanna make me bop
cause i lose it when i hear the music
i can't remember how i got here
left the world behind

you really wanna make me move
i really don't understand
i can't stop bopping (you can't stop bopping)
i really can't stop

you really wanna make me move
you gotta make your reservation
cause queues go round the block for bopping
music making everybody move

you really wanna make me move
you really gotta understand
i can't help but forget myself
leave the world behind

(bop bop the bop can't stop)

you really wanna make me bop
cause i lose it when i hear the music
i can't remember how i got here
left the world behind

This is the oldest song on the album, written before even BANGERS, and was made alongside the music video. I had left it in an almost-complete state for over a year and when considering tracks to put on QUEENJAZZ BOPS, it made a ton of sense to finally finish and release this song.
The vocals for this song were made by using text to speech, then painstakingly re-timing and autotuning the recordings to make it sound like singing. it was a method i had used a lot and it was incredibly tedious but i loved the sound of it.
Freie Nรคchte

this is a ripoff of "Nights Off" by Siriusmo
takehome normal mood

one big difference between BOPS and BANGERS is the track lengths; i made a big effort to make sure tracks were generally longer than on BANGERS, but that ended up leaving less room for funny little tracks.
my favourite thing about this one is it absolutely could be a good long track but keeping it super short was very funny to me
i named this track about a hour ago

sit right there, I'll fix a drink
I'm glad to see you again
remember how, we used to think
we couldn't feel pain

celebrate our victories
and mourn the battles we lost
our comrades, our friends in arms
are rebels to the end

keep me in your memories
we're reminiscing
I'll keep you in my heart

I feel so proud we could make it Here
standing side by side
we powered through with strength in love
held close when we cried

we showed the world we can't be stopped
when our aim is true
and every stress, and every burden
was worth it to still be with you

keep me in your memories
we're reminiscing
I'll keep you in my heart

Lyrics by harley mist

this is by far my favourite track on the album, in no small part because of the lyrics harley and me wrote for it. continuing with the theme of trying to write more positively about things i care a lot about, i wanted to make a vignette about life after struggle, knowing we'd survived.
again after struggling a lot with the lyrics Harley absolutely saved me and we fleshed out the theme and tone really nicely. we talked a lot about songs and lyric writing and i learnt so much both directly and being inspired by her work

welcome to the chiptune segment
i guess even when writing a poppier, boppier album i can't help but write destructive edm or whatever lol. there almost a minute of me just shredding

i can't keep a straight face when i tell you i'm a rockstar i'm a special kind of demon and i'm gonna suck your blood

Me and 3D63 for a while were competing to out-banger each other, which she initated with this
this track was my response and eventually got fleshed out to put on the album, i felt like i learnt a lot from our back and forth, actively having to push myself to Write Banger
The Mirror

i hold your hand
you take my place
i follow the cracks
of the mirror

i don't think it means anything but feel free to read into it. mirrors do mean a lot to me though.
i genuinely tried to write a track without any drums but i guess its impossible